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Another beautiful morning in Africa.

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We caught this male royal flycatcher in a mist net one morning. What an incredible head crest!

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A rainbow ameiva tentatively approaches my camera lens.

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This malachite kingfisher frequented Lac 2 in Matsedroy camp–by far the most photographed bird on the lake, it never failed to stun us. This particular day he seemed so poised, and for a split second everything in the frame aligned.

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The gentle crashing of the waves was harmoniously accompanied by the setting of the sun over the island of Marathi in Greece.

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Members of the group learning how to dive for the open water PADI dive qualification just off the coast of Samos in Greece.

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A cloudy winter sunset in Gondwana Reserve, Western Cape.

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In the middle of a hike, we came upon an area of forest where the visibility was really poor due to the clouds – there’s something really beautiful about the way the clouds surround the trees, this shot of the

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This photo was taken not far from Mariarano base camp in Madagascar–there was a group of five sifakas foraging in the trees, and this one heard me snap a twig underfoot and looked straight into the camera–I was captivated by

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