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Madagascar – I can change! Madagascar Project Sites 

Madagascar – I can change!

Written by Katy Chapman Photos Courtesy of Alex Tozer, Roger Poland, Marc Rabenenasa and Hannah Thomas Spring I spent six weeks this summer in Madagascar, getting data for my 3rd year undergrad dissertation, which was on colour change by chameleons in social situations. Contrary to popular belief, chameleons do not background match – they cannot blend perfectly into their surroundings.... Read More
Madagascar – Vivacious Vangas and other Malagasy Birds Conservation Madagascar Project Sites 

Madagascar – Vivacious Vangas and other Malagasy Birds

Written by and photos courtesy of Hannah Williams     I went to Madagascar for 6 weeks with Opwall to collect data for my undergraduate dissertation project. Using bird distribution and forestry data I am aiming to determine the forestry architecture factors which affect avifauna distribution within Mahamavo forest. Following this I will construct a plan to prioritise conservation areas... Read More
Madagascar – Forest Birds Conservation Madagascar 

Madagascar – Forest Birds

Written by Peter Long, University of Oxford & Solohery Rasamison, University of Antananarivo Photos Courtesy of Deena Wilmott Since 2010 we have been monitoring forest birds in Mariarano, western Madagascar, by conducting point counts at 150 locations across the forest on multiple occasions each year.  Starting this year, we have extended this study by using mist-netting to study the forest-dependent... Read More
Madagascar – Nocturnal Lemurs, What big eyes you have Conservation Madagascar Opwall News 

Madagascar – Nocturnal Lemurs, What big eyes you have

Written by Ute Radespiel, TiHo Hannover Photos Courtesy of Ben Evans Nocturnal lemurs account for more than two thirds of all known lemur species but we know much less about many of them than about their diurnal cousins. Like all lemur species, they are endemic to Madagascar, meaning that they cannot be found anywhere outside Madagascar. We are surveying the... Read More