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Honduras – the Twilight Zone Honduras Project Sites 

Honduras – the Twilight Zone

Written by Jack Laverick Photos Courtesy of Dan Exton Using data collected throughout the summer season and beyond we’re interested in understanding differences between the reef fish we find on shallow and twilight zone (mesophotic) reefs. Specifically we are trying to understand the ecological roles of reef fish on mesophotic reefs, and how their populations may be connected to shallow... Read More
Honduras – Irish Botanical Expedition, Spring 2016 Expedition Diaries Honduras Project Sites 

Honduras – Irish Botanical Expedition, Spring 2016

Written by Daniel L Kelly Department of Botany Trinity College, The University of Dublin Photos Courtesy of Sunniva Hanley, Colin Kelleher & Kate-Marie O’Connor   We made it! There and back again! There were sixteen of us, many of whom had never met until a couple of months ago: age range twenty-one to sixty-something; four nationalities; and varying widely in... Read More
Honduras – Saving Coral Reefs Conservation Expedition Diaries Honduras Project Sites 

Honduras – Saving Coral Reefs

Written by Grace Young Feature Photo Courtesy of Dave Smith We know coral reefs are degrading at an alarming rate. They’re becoming less complex and ultimately disappearing due to the effects of climate change, acidification, overfishing, and pollution. Despite covering less than 1% of the ocean floor, coral reefs support 25% of all marine life. They are fundamental to sustaining... Read More
Honduras – Life in the Clouds Expedition Diaries Honduras Project Sites 

Honduras – Life in the Clouds

Written by and Photos Courtesy of Tom Brown I initially went on expedition with Operation Wallacea in 2013 to collect my dissertation data for my University degree in Environmental Science. I chose Honduras as my destination, shamefully because I hadn’t heard of it, and after some quick internet research; I found its poor media image, remoteness, amazing biodiversity and unlikeliness... Read More