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Mexico – A Snappy Update! Conservation Herpetofauna Mexico Opwall News 

Mexico – A Snappy Update!

Written by and Photos Courtesy of Jose Antonio Nobrega At our forest site in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve (Campeche, Mexico) water occurs in low density and mostly in the form of aguadas (semi-temporary natural ponds sustained by rainfall) during the majority of the year, and part of our research there is to investigate species that live in this unique environment. One such species... Read More
Mexico – Akumal Marine Protected Area Conservation Mexico Opwall News Project Sites 

Mexico – Akumal Marine Protected Area

Written by Dr Kathy Slater Photos courtesy of Akumal Dive Centre For the last 5 years Operation Wallacea has been operating in a small coastal town called Akumal that consists of extensive reefs, mangroves, lagoons, beaches with a high density of nesting sea turtles, and in one particular bay; abundant seagrasses and a large (60+) resident population of immature green... Read More
Photo Competition Winners Announced! Opwall News 

Photo Competition Winners Announced!

Over the Christmas period Opwall had it’s yearly photo competition and we finally have the winners! Bill Bailey was kind enough to pick our Top 3 photos and another winner was picked by the staff.  Bill had this to say about the winners – “Again, a very difficult decision to make as the standard of entries was so good. The... Read More
Indonesia – The Plastic Problem Conservation Indonesia Opwall News 

Indonesia – The Plastic Problem

Written by and Photos Courtesy of Emma Camp Plastic pollution accounts for 60-80 % of marine litter worldwide that totals approximately 14 billion pounds each year.  Due to ocean gyres, trash will accumulate in massive islands with an example of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch estimated to range in size from 700,000 square kilometers to more than 15,000 square kilometers.... Read More
Madagascar – Nocturnal Lemurs, What big eyes you have Conservation Madagascar Opwall News 

Madagascar – Nocturnal Lemurs, What big eyes you have

Written by Ute Radespiel, TiHo Hannover Photos Courtesy of Ben Evans Nocturnal lemurs account for more than two thirds of all known lemur species but we know much less about many of them than about their diurnal cousins. Like all lemur species, they are endemic to Madagascar, meaning that they cannot be found anywhere outside Madagascar. We are surveying the... Read More