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Mexico – Aguadas….Just for Crocs Conservation Mexico Project Sites 

Mexico – Aguadas….Just for Crocs

Written by José Nobrega Photos Courtesy of Erin Cubitt Up to date, there are known 27 crocodilian species in the world, and along with modern birds, they belong to an ancient group called Archosaurs, which also included dinosaurs and their relatives. In Calakmul Biosphere Reserve (CBR) in México, only one species is known to occur, Crocodylus moreletii, which in general... Read More
Peru – The Life of a Tropical Bird Ecologist Conservation Expedition Diaries Peru Project Sites 

Peru – The Life of a Tropical Bird Ecologist

Written by and photos courtesy of Fergus Eakin I would like to share my experience, as a research assistant, on the Peruvian Opwall expedition. As an ecologist I have been captivated by the rainforest since the first time I ever watched a David Attenborough documentary. Unfortunately, there isn’t any tropical rainforest in the UK. So I signed up with Opwall and... Read More
Madagascar – Forest Birds Conservation Madagascar 

Madagascar – Forest Birds

Written by Peter Long, University of Oxford & Solohery Rasamison, University of Antananarivo Photos Courtesy of Deena Wilmott Since 2010 we have been monitoring forest birds in Mariarano, western Madagascar, by conducting point counts at 150 locations across the forest on multiple occasions each year.  Starting this year, we have extended this study by using mist-netting to study the forest-dependent... Read More