Peru – Enter the Forest Peru Project Sites 

Peru – Enter the Forest

Written by and photos courtesy of Dael Sassoon One thought kept echoing in my mind since the first day of the expedition: I don’t want to leave. Considering I only stayed in Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve for two weeks, the Amazon didn’t take long to steal my heart. I believe a piece of it is still there, surrounded by the towering... Read More
Madagascar – Dissertation Students’ researches and more Madagascar Project Sites 

Madagascar – Dissertation Students’ researches and more

Written by Joseph Bailey For the third year in a row, I have had the privilege of supervising and advising on a whole range of dissertation students’ projects in the dry forests of north-west Madagascar, with Operation Wallacea. The research that the dissertation students conduct is of great importance to the scientific efforts at the site, tackling a diverse range... Read More
Honduras – the Twilight Zone Honduras Project Sites 

Honduras – the Twilight Zone

Written by Jack Laverick Photos Courtesy of Dan Exton Using data collected throughout the summer season and beyond we’re interested in understanding differences between the reef fish we find on shallow and twilight zone (mesophotic) reefs. Specifically we are trying to understand the ecological roles of reef fish on mesophotic reefs, and how their populations may be connected to shallow... Read More
Staff Spotlight! Staff Spotlight 

Staff Spotlight!

First published on our facebook on February 28th 2015 Staff/Student Spotlight! Introducing Phil Stanier! “The 9th October 1998 is a very special date for me. Not only was it my 19th Birthday but it was also the day that I saw an Opwall poster on my way home from Uni stating that there would be a presentation that evening for... Read More
Staff Spotlight! Staff Spotlight 

Staff Spotlight!

First published on our facebook wall on April 18th 2015 Staff/Student Spotlight! This week – Jane Hardwick! “I wouldn’t be where I was today without the invaluable experience I have gained from working for Operation Wallacea. My first field season was in Indonesia (terrestrial site) in 2011 where I collected data on the endemic Buton macaques (a problem species for... Read More
Staff Spotlight! Staff Spotlight 

Staff Spotlight!

Staff/Student Spotlight Saturdays! Introducing Hannah Hoskins! “I first went to Honduras as a Research Assistant at the end of my first year of university. I loved being in the forest, meeting all the brilliant scientists and learning hands-on ecological survey techniques. I was then lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Pacaya Samira, Peru a year later where... Read More
Cuba – A week in the life… Cuba Project Sites 

Cuba – A week in the life…

Written by Sophie Johnson Photos Courtesy of Jorge Angulo I heard about Operation Wallacea from one of my College Parents who was attending a talk. After looking at all the available expeditions, I decided that I was most interested in joining the Cuba research project, the only exclusively marine site. I have always been interested in marine conservation research so... Read More